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Relive some of the highlights from across all editions of the Terracotta Festival. We’ve selected some of your favourites and some of the team’s favourites, from different editions, different countries and different genres. Only available to watch until end of December, so catch them while you can!

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  • Lee Sang-woo Collection: Dirty Romance

    1 video

    Chul-joong is too busy caring for his disabled sister’s health, and forcing his friend to sexually please her, to notice that an unconventional romance may await her; if only he allowed someone to love her for who she is. A masterful weaving of light and dark that is uniquely shocking, provocativ...

  • Lee Sang-woo Collection: All About My Father

    1 video

    A father that has an affair with his son’s new husband, a reporter investigates the sexual misconduct of military, and a grandfather that uses his grandson to source explicit magazines.

  • Lee Sang-woo Collection: I Am Trash

    1 video

    Three emotionally damaged brothers must deal with the aftermath of their father returning home from prison after serving time for sexual assault. Lee Sang-woo weaves between glimmers of hope and utterly uncompromising pitch black gloom in this gut-punching emotional drama.

    Sang-woo has strived t...

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